April 6, 2020

FIVE FROM FINLAND: Music learning apps

The revenue of Finnish music startups increased by over two thirds during 2015 in comparison to the year before.
Discover what’s going on with learning music and belting out your favourite tune.
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Get creative and maintain peace of mind with these five ways of music learning developed in Finland.

If the global COVID-19 situation is making you stressed, anxious and overwhelmed, music can offer some much-needed encouragement and comfort. Getting immersed in a new hobby can also help with lifting the spirits and reducing stress.

This Finnish quintet will bring joyous and music-filled moments to your days.

OneHour Guitar Chord Method

Doing away with the need for chord lexicons, chord generators and learning irrational “dots on diagrams”, this musical app offers a simple approach to becoming nimble on the six string.

“Our company is all about providing a guitarist the best possible tool for guitar chords,” stated guitarist and brand manager Jarkko Luhtala.

Suitable for every level, genre and style, the app gives all the theory and practical info needed for forming the right finger configuration and finding the sound you are looking for.


No need to despair if you weren’t born a child prodigy, this jamming and scale discovery tool has come to the rescue. Diluting music theory into an easy-to-grasp form via a unique on-screen wheel, the tool enables users to start playing along with their favourite music style in seconds.

“We wanted to make a new way to teach and learn music,” said creator Perttu Pölönen. “It’s a completely fresh approach to how scales and chords work.”

On top of the multi-award-winning app, MusiClock’s offering includes a wooden version and a piano scaler tool.


You can’t rack up international awards without having your finger on the pulse of innovative ideas. In the case of this Finnish startup, more surprising perhaps is the candid attitude of those who come up with them.

“You need a good number of dumb ideas in order to generate one great idea,” declared CEO Chris Thür, “and we welcome all kinds of ideas.”

All joking aside, Yousician is today the world’s largest and fastest growing music education company offering thousands of songs, exercises and teacher-crafted lessons – all in one app. Suitable for piano, guitar, bass and ukulele, as well as singing, Yousician invites everyone to unleash their inner musician.


Wondering what the guitar, ukulele, phone camera and karaoke all have in common? Well, ponder no more, as this Finnish startup is a meeting place for all four.

“As much as 85 per cent of people who start to play the guitar let it go because they can’t get past the first stage [of learning the chords],” informed CMO and co-founder Paula Lehto. “Our number one goal is to help people to start jamming and to play their own favourite songs as soon as possible.”

To achieve this goal, the startup has so far released three mobile apps that assist with playing tunes on guitar and ukulele.


Singa is the easiest way to sing karaoke. What else would you expect from the person who organised the annual Karaoke World Championships in Finland for years?

“Not many would consider karaoke to be a very sexy industry. But few people know that it is a 10-billion-euro-a-year business,” CEO Atte Hujanen explained to us back when the company was known as Singster.

Now, with a playlist boasting around 80 000 hit tunes from a wide range of artists, it’s time to exercise your vocal instrument whilst utilising your desktop, mobile device, Apple or Android TV.

Originally published in October 2016

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