June 9, 2017

Five for Friday: Innovative packaging

When it comes to packaging, Finnish thinking is outside of the box.
When it comes to packaging, Finnish thinking is outside of the box.

It’s often said that big things come in small packages, but in Finland, big things can also be found in packaging.

Looking for a packaging solution with a decidedly Finnish touch? Well, you’re in luck! Here are five solutions to help get you packing.

Magic Add

This smart packaging startup raised 250 000 US dollars in angel funding last year to further develop the Internet of Packaging. By using unique coding and sensor technology, the company enables everyday packaging to communicate.

“Magic Add specialises in cost-efficient, high-volume smart packaging, making it the cheapest and most effective way of embedding intelligence in packages,” president and CEO Samuli Manninen said at the time.

Metsä Board

The mantelpiece at Metsä Board has been getting a little short on space recently, after racking up the Luxe Pack Shanghai ‘in green’ Award for its skincare gift box. Not to mention the awards for its T2 Mini Fruit Tea packaging and Elevated drink box at the iF Design Awards and The Dieline Awards 2017.

“We are delighted with this level of recognition,” stated Metsä Board Cyril Drouet, after the iF Awards win. “[The awards] reflect our primary aim of helping customers enhance brand value by delivering sustainable, safe and innovative paperboard-based packaging solutions.”


What’s for pudding? Award-winning convenience, if you ask Valio. The company’s dessert pack came first at the revered World Star competition in 2016 in the Packaging category.

“The pot has an inventive design that makes it easy to plate the pudding beautifully,” the jury said. “You just tap the bottom of the pack three times, which releases the vacuum and the pudding gently slides out onto the plate. In addition, the chosen packaging material is polypropylene, which is easy to recycle.”


Based on wood and natural adhesive, this biodegradable innovation is a natural alternative to almost any kind of plastic packaging, and can also be mass-produced using methods and facilities that now make plastic. First port of call: the cosmetics market.

“We were both frustrated by the fact that although the cosmetics product itself is ecological, the package around it isn’t,” co-founder Suvi Haimi told us recently. “It was a problem we both wanted to tackle.”


Bidding farewell to polystyrene packaging, these corrugated board boxes made from Finnish wood fibre keep fish fillets fresh. Developed by Finnish companies Stora Enso and Kalaneuvos – V. Hukkanen, the world is sitting up and taking notice, with the innovation recently winning Gold in the WorldStar Sustainability Award in May in Düsseldorf, Germany.

“We have a packaging solution that allows us to deliver our fish products in the same high quality manner as before, but with a smaller carbon footprint,” says Sulevi Toivo, sales director at Kalaneuvos – V. Hukkanen. “This ecological solution also makes recycling and waste management easier in stores, restaurants and industrial kitchens.”

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