November 16, 2018

Five for Friday: Wall decoration

Finnish design is helping to decorate interiors in surprising ways.
Finnish design is helping to decorate interiors in surprising ways.
Julia Bushueva

Finnish design and innovation offers decorative options that are off the wall –­ yet are well and truly located firmly on it.

Map posters, stickers, wallpaper, wooden photos and air purifiers – these companies have got walls covered in a variety of eye-pleasing ways.

Alvar Carto

This Finnish startup launched a free phone wallpaper generator that blew up on Reddit and successfully boosted the profile of its main business stream: customised map posters. Users type in any city in the world on its website, select their style and order a custom-made poster.

“We’ve gotten really good feedback,” co-founder Nico Eriksson said back in May. “People choose locations where they got married, where they were born, where they met their first love or something like this. Every product has a story behind it.”

Made of Sundays

Every day is a Sunday for this company bringing cheer to homes and offices with bright colours and shapes made of ecological materials. Its fun approach continues to open doors to a sustainable future.

“We always try to get creative and think outside the box when it comes to new materials,” co-founder Thomas Leppä stated in September. “Of course, not buying anything at all is the most ecological choice, but when it comes to decorating a home our decals are a much better choice than PVC plastic or paint.”


These wallpaper designs feature the contributions of graffiti artists, surf-wear designers, illustrators, fine artists, tattooists, typographers and fashion designers. Walls worldwide are given a creative boost, thanks to the founders’ finesse in digital business, marketing and production techniques.

“We’re three ex-advertising people who had had enough of selling ideas to make children eat chocolate cereal,” co-founder Anne Puukko recalled in 2015. “So, we jumped from our day jobs to focus on the things we actually care about: art, big ideas, design, craft, having our socks knocked-off and originality.”

Plywood Print

Although cameras and photographs are everywhere these days, fewer and fewer photographs end up being printed. Plywood Print wants to make the ones that are extra special.

“Create your own wall art from your own pictures is the principle we sell to customers,” Mirna Shampemba explained earlier this year. “Printing on plywood adds character to the photograph, with the wood grains and colours making the image livelier and adding to the depth.”


Naava’s living green walls are a biological air purifier, humidifier and space divider all rolled into one.

“In the modern world, we spend 90 per cent of our time indoors, where we breathe man-made, synthetic air and are often disconnected from nature,” CEO Aki Soudunsaari observed last year. “We at Naava are reconnecting humanity with nature, by embracing millions of years of natural innovation with latest technologies and modern design.”

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