October 11, 2019

Five for Friday: Meaningful accessories

Accessorise yourself with some of the finest from Finland.
Accessorise yourself with some of the finest from Finland.
Julia Bushueva

In a world brimming with products, Finnish design is widely acclaimed for being innovative, thoughtful and meaningful. Accessories with a “Made in Finland” label thus bear a bona fide seal of quality.

In recent years, the accessories industry has upped its game with bountiful beautiful options on hand, be it classic jewellery, smart wearables or anything in between.

These five Finnish brands offer accessories that will not only add style to your outfit, but also improve your quality of life – and make a social impact while they are at it.


The perfect mix of design and technology, the Ōura Ring defines itself as the most accurate, comfortable and beautiful wearable available on the market. The smart ring guides its user towards better sleep, recovery and performance.

Compact and stylish as never before, the ring taps raw data directly from your finger with its built-in biometric sensors, analyses it and sends it to the mobile app that then gives feedback and guidance on your wellbeing.

“The ring is a premium product, and for us it’s crucial to be able to guarantee top-notch quality on every level,” co-founder Petteri Lahtela assured back in 2015. “We don’t cut corners at any stage.”


This family-owned company with a 70-year history of manufacturing custom-made plastic goods takes a fashionable approach to one of the most practical Finnish inventions – personal safety reflectors.

Through collaborations with both renowned and less-known Finnish designers, Saintex creates soft reflectors that surely don’t lack style and keep you safe in the dim. The reflectors come in all colours and shapes, including a traditional wintery theme.

With the popularity of personal safety reflectors increasing, the company is working hard on bringing style and safety to the domestic and international markets.

“In Finland safety reflectors are always seen as something fairly mundane. Abroad, people have a more open way of thinking: safety reflectors are cool objects if they look good,” noted CEO Susanna Blomqvist. “And they also save lives.”

AIDA impact

Founded out of a desire to better the world, this Helsinki-based jewellery company finds creating beautiful earring designs and helping immigrant women to enter the Finnish labour market equally important.

AIDA impact produces handmade jewellery using the finest natural materials and employing mainly refugee women who have had a hard time finding a job. The company’s charitable intentions come hand in hand with the ambitious plan to become a recognised fashion brand.

“Many of our customers don’t even know about our backstory when they buy the earrings,” pointed out founder and CEO Elina Siira. “We want to make stylish, classy and high-quality products, and it’s great that we can simultaneously contribute to social inclusion.”


This innovative company puts a modern twist on traditional lockets that for centuries have been considered the most sentimental jewellery. Instead of a lock of hair or a tiny portrait, MyJemma digital lockets contain a chip that provides access to a cloud service for photos and videos.

Handcrafted in Finland using the best materials, these elegant and smart accessories reveal their content with just the touch of a smartphone and make perfect gifts that suit both B2B and B2C markets. But after all, it’s all about emotions.

“We’re not measuring stress or blood pressure, as MyJemma isn’t an activity band or a fitness tracker,” explained CEO and co-founder Marko Kallio. “We want to be an instrument for increasing feelings of closeness and happiness in people’s lives.”


Textile designer Nanna Salmi started her custom-made jewellery business quite by chance. Now, orders are coming in from around the world. What makes this jewellery so peculiar and unique is the key material used – horsehair.

A hobby rider herself, Salmi knows first-hand about deep emotional bonds between humans and their horses. With her horsehair jewellery, the designer helps her customers in transforming this close owner-pet relationship into something concrete and sophisticated.

All nannasalmi design pieces are handmade according to customers’ individual wishes and, as a rule, using the horsehair they provide.

“One product can involve weeks of correspondence to ensure the end result is exactly as the customer imagines it,” Salmi noted. “I understand this, as the item is of such emotional importance to its bearer. Often clients tell me stories about the horse, too.”

Text: Zhanna Koiviola

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