November 2, 2018

Five for Friday: Exercise

These Finnish companies are on the move with their approaches to exercising.
These Finnish companies are on the move with their approaches to exercising.
Julia Bushueva

Finnish expertise in exercise harnesses new technology and some good old-fashioned training to get people up and moving in a variety of ways.

Whether it’s working out at work, exercising while gaming, training mums’ mind and body, or just taking the stairs or to the ice, these Finnish companies have got it covered.

Cuckoo Workout

All work and no play makes for dull living. Therefore, this app uses videos to guide office workers to exercise and stretch a couple of minutes during the workday. The results are palpable.

“Just like companies want to provide their employees with tools and practices that increase efficiency and make working easier, they ought to look after the wellbeing and motivation of their employees as human beings,” said CEO Veera Lehmonen.

Fitness Village

Combining mobile gaming, activity tracking and real-world exercise possibilities, Fitness Village aims to be the world’s largest virtual fitness centre with 100 million users. There’s one crucial difference: the exercise is optional.

“At some point [while playing], you realise that if you put your sneakers on and leave home you can find power-ups and other boosters for your character, making the game faster and easier for you,” COO Klaus Kääriäinen stated.

Once outside, the app further consolidates its real-world benefits by being able to synch with a range of sports tracking devices and fitness equipment.

“There’s no other such application in the world that combines these technologies.”

Nordic Fit Mama

Post-pregnancy issues in women’s bodies aren’t publicly discussed far and wide. This ‘mama’ offers different kinds of training courses to mothers recovering from childbirth, providing accurate information to ensure no harm is done. The service is not restricted to exercise classes either, with the courses run by professionals taking a holistic approach to wellbeing.

The icing on the cake: the service is also an online community.

“There are so many topics new mothers talk about with their peers,” noted Riina Laaksonen of Nordic Fit Mama. “Receiving fact-based guidance from trustworthy sources will make the phase much smoother. Having a baby is about as life-changing as things get.”

PJ Team

Synchronised skating is a disciplined sport that works for the good of both mind and body. Now, Finnish expertise on ice is travelling to Chinese schools, thanks to this company.

With the Beijing Winter Olympics looming in 2022, there have been whispers of adding synchronised skating to the games’ programme. If everything goes to plan, the performers and their coaches will be trained by two-time world champion Laura Spiridovitsh and other Finnish experts.

“Synchronised skating is great due to its diversity,” Spiridovitsh explained. “It requires physical strength and coordination, good balance, sense of rhythm and stamina. It’s also a team sport, as you can’t do it alone and have to be considerate of others all the time.”


Why take the elevator, when you can climb stairs into space! By using motivational tools, this app wants to make the world a better place, one stair at a time.

“Choosing the stairs instead of the elevator is the easiest thing that you can do for your health,” co-creator Timo Leppänen explained. “While the health benefits of exercise, in general, are nothing new, renewed attention is being paid to the effect that exercise during the workday has on an individual’s output.”

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