May 17, 2019

Five for Friday: Bikes

These Finnish companies are pedaling fast to get noticed on the global biking scene!
These Finnish companies are pedaling fast to get noticed on the global biking scene!
Julia Bushueva

Get rolling with these Finnish approaches to the velocipede.

In celebration of spring, dust off the two-wheeler and take a spin with these bike-related Finnish companies.


This Finnish high-end bicycle producer boasts a growing range of two-wheelers, such as cross-country, trail, enduro, downhill and urban models. Each goes to great lengths to provide a superior riding experience.

“We test everything and try to be scientific with product design,” Leo Kokkonen informed us. “We are also thinking differently and openly; we have not founded the company based on secrets or a simple-minded stubborn way to think.”


According to Timo Hyppönen, the founder of Pelago, making stylish city bikes is not just about making money, it’s also about the desire to represent cycling and enhancing the cycling experience for customers. He also demonstrated a dash of Finnish humility when describing the appeal of these very popular bikes.

“Compared to some, we are more youthful and have more street credibility; compared to others, we might be less sporty,” he said in 2015.


If it can be made out of wood, you can find it in Finland. This applies to bicycles as well, and these wooden city bikes are hitting the streets using wood to promote active lifestyles.

“A bike is a universal product. Everyone has some kind of a biking memory. It would be a major achievement for us if our wooden bike could get more people excited about biking,” the company’s Ilari Alaruka told us.


What’s the point of having a bike if it’s not rolling nicely? This mobile bike repair shop brings the service to your doorstep.

“Brick-and-mortar bike repair shops are rarely located close to bike owners and, based on our experience, often prioritise expensive bike models over cheaper mass-market ones,” explained Tommi Särkkinen, CEO at Yeply. “We started to wonder does servicing your bike really have to be so difficult? We can make it very easy, convenient and fast, and even a fun experience.”


This leading European manufacturer of grips, rim tapes and reflectors is also producing lights and chain guards.

With offices in Finland, Germany and Taiwan, the company even established a warehouse in Shanghai back in 2015, as we reported.

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