WEEKEND WRAP: A boutique getaway, audio elegance and gaming gone meta

October 23, 2020

Musicians make master strokes, design goes into the wild and gaming transcends boundaries. Take a look at recent creativity from a Finnish perspective.

FIVE FROM FINLAND: Mental health and wellbeing

October 23, 2020

With mental health issues becoming more pressing than ever before amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Finnish innovators are extending a helping hand to those going through tough times.

DO I KNOW YOU? “I believe and hope these exceptional times will boost combat against climate change,” says Jukka Leskelä

October 19, 2020

According to Jukka Leskelä, the best part of being the frontman of the energy sector is to speak out for change and break the preconception that the industry is acting as an obstacle to an energy revolution. 

WEEKEND WRAP: Impact-driven gaming, inclusive fashion and design to last you a lifetime

October 16, 2020

Gaming’s societal role is being redefined as fashion opens up to everyone and the yacht industry finds a new way home. Take a look at recent creativity from a Finnish perspective.

FIVE FROM FINLAND: Rethinking food, from field to fork 

October 16, 2020

With climate change, population growth and food security concerns mounting around the globe, Finland is placing greater emphasis on innovative food-related solutions.

Finland looks to work-based immigration for growth, sustainability

October 15, 2020

The financial pressures induced by the coronavirus pandemic have added to the urgency of injecting talent from other parts of the world to the Finnish labour market, supporting enterprise growth and renewal and safeguarding the future of the welfare state.

Finland makes advances in quantum computing

October 14, 2020

Greater Helsinki recently being recognised by a global competition for its excellence in quantum technology is yet another example of how Finland is well on its way to fulfilling its promise of becoming a leader in the sector. Numerous innovations and projects here are billed to push quantum computing from laboratories to real-world settings.

WEEKEND WRAP: Not your average nuns, indie gone international and mobile saunas

October 9, 2020

Big creatives take note of all things Finnish, fibres to die for and accessible wellness. Take a look at recent creativity from a Finnish perspective.

FIVE FROM FINLAND: Sustainable fashion

October 9, 2020

Providing alternatives to much-maligned fast fashion, Finland is home to many brands dedicated to sustainable and ethical practices.

Posio embodies Finland’s push for sustainable travel

October 8, 2020

Posio, a roughly 3 000-resident municipality nestled between Kuusamo and Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland, has become the first travel destination to receive the Sustainable Travel Finland label from Visit Finland.

Metsä Pavilion ready to serve as springboard for Finnish firms in Tokyo

October 7, 2020

Metsä Pavilion, a building conceptualised by Business Finland and the Embassy of Finland in Tokyo, has opened its doors in the heart of the Japanese capital, providing Finnish companies a unique setting for creating contacts and promoting exports in Japan.