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Weekend Wrap

IN PICTURES: Weekend wrap

Jaakko Niemelä is one of the Helsinki Biennial artists turning the island of Vallisaari into a sustainable art exhibition in the autumn of 2020.

Credits: : Matti Pyykkö

What’s historic yet groundbreaking, cozy but chic, and unique and cosmic? It’s the past seven days in lifestyle and entertainment from a Finnish perspective.

The University of Helsinki recorded the Earth singing (or crying) when hit by a solar storm. (Photo: University of Helsinki) Have a listen and read Phys.org’s story

At the Helsinki Biennial, every art piece will have a natural place and meaning on the island of Vallisaari. (Photo: Matti Pyykkö) Read Lonely Planet’s article

Vuorensaku Guitars is luthier Saku Vuori’s way to express himself and to let the likes of Billy Gibbons express themselves. (Photo: Vuorensaku Guitars) Read our feature

Frozenbyte’s Trine series looks like a fairytale and plays like a champ. (Photo: Frozenbyte) Read the Xbox Hub’s story

Almost like Disney’s Bambi, Ailo’s Journey is an intimate, yet feral, take on Arctic wildlife. (Photo: Marko Junttila/MRP Matila Röhr Productions) Read the Stuff’s story

Why are we still talking about Slush? CEO Andreas Saari has the answer. (Photo: Slush) Read our interview

The stars finally lined up for the Finnish men’s football team. (Photo: Matti Pyykkö) Read the Guardian’s article

You may want to lend your ear when the most coffee drunk nation has something to say about the beverage. (Photo: Four Sigmatic) Read our Five for Friday

Rovio’s 10-year anniversary campaign with UNICEF is a cry for help. (Photo: Rovio) Read Mashable’s story

Klaus Härö's One Last Deal was the audience's pet at the Coronado Island Film Festival. (Photo: Cata Portin)

UNIQLO and Marimekko go cozy and chic with a wintery collaboration. (Photo: UNIQLO) Read the Zoe Report’s article

Samuli Ojala