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Weekend Wrap

IN PICTURES: Weekend wrap

Jaakko Niemelä is one of the Helsinki Biennial artists turning the island of Vallisaari into a sustainable art exhibition in the autumn of 2020.

Matti Pyykkö

What’s historic yet groundbreaking, cozy but chic, and unique and cosmic? It’s the past seven days in lifestyle and entertainment from a Finnish perspective.

The University of Helsinki recorded the Earth singing (or crying) when hit by a solar storm. (Photo: University of Helsinki) Have a listen and read Phys.org’s story

At the Helsinki Biennial, every art piece will have a natural place and meaning on the island of Vallisaari. (Photo: Matti Pyykkö) Read Lonely Planet’s article

Vuorensaku Guitars is luthier Saku Vuori’s way to express himself and to let the likes of Billy Gibbons express themselves. (Photo: Vuorensaku Guitars) Read our feature

Frozenbyte’s Trine series looks like a fairytale and plays like a champ. (Photo: Frozenbyte) Read the Xbox Hub’s story

Almost like Disney’s Bambi, Ailo’s Journey is an intimate, yet feral, take on Arctic wildlife. (Photo: Marko Junttila/MRP Matila Röhr Productions) Read the Stuff’s story

Why are we still talking about Slush? CEO Andreas Saari has the answer. (Photo: Slush) Read our interview

The stars finally lined up for the Finnish men’s football team. (Photo: Matti Pyykkö) Read the Guardian’s article

You may want to lend your ear when the most coffee drunk nation has something to say about the beverage. (Photo: Four Sigmatic) Read our Five for Friday

Rovio’s 10-year anniversary campaign with UNICEF is a cry for help. (Photo: Rovio) Read Mashable’s story

Klaus Härö's One Last Deal was the audience's pet at the Coronado Island Film Festival. (Photo: Cata Portin)

UNIQLO and Marimekko go cozy and chic with a wintery collaboration. (Photo: UNIQLO) Read the Zoe Report’s article

By: Samuli Ojala