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Weekend Wrap

IN PICTURES: The weekend wrap

The Air Guitar World Championships will be held in Oulu this week. What’s your signature song?Juuso Haarala

Yet another busy week for the finer things in life! Experimental cinema gets international attention, the gaming industry is as solid as ever, and Finnish jazz makes a break for it. Discover the past seven days in lifestyle and entertainment from a Finnish perspective.

Hatch isn’t playing around when it comes to 5G gaming. The Finnish IT company has announced a partnership in Germany with Vodafone. (Photo: Hatch) Read our Daily brief

The Long Drink – a well-kept national secret since the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki – has finally started doing the rounds internationally, especially in the US. (Photo: The Long Drink Company) Read Cool Hunting’s’ article

The Finnish gaming industry has had its ups and downs but continues to churn out crowd-pleasing entertainment for global audiences. (Photo: Salomon Marttila) Read Pocket Gamer’s article

Sami van Ingen’s melodrama Flame gets silver screen time at Concorto Film Festival. (Photo: Vimeo/Screenshot) Read AV-Arkki’s’ article

The new album from Timo Lassy (pictured) and Teppo Mäkynen is a courageous sketchpad and moodboard, according to Jazz Journal. (Photo: Konstantin Kondrukhov / Flow Festival) Check out the review

Traditional Karelian string instrument jouhikko (bowed lyre) is the new guitar. Just ask musician Pekko Käppi. (Photo: Ninni Luhtasaari) Read Music Finland’s article

Grab your leotards! The first ever Drone Olympics will be held in Helsinki in September. (Photo: City of Helsinki) Read more on the event’s website

Finnish designer Robin Falck’s Nolla cabin is a celebration of sustainability and simplicity. (Photo: Neste) Read The Spaces’ article

The eco-friendly designs of Aarrekid’s children’s clothes have made a compelling impression on parents and led to the creation of an adults’ selection as well. (Photo: Aarrekid) Check out our feature

If you ever find yourself in the middle of the Nevada desert, chances are you’ll find a sauna – at least during this year’s Burning Man festival thanks to JKMM Architects and Sauna on Fire. (Photo: JKMM Architects) Read Dezeen’s article

A recent Cannes-veteran, J-P Valkeapää has landed major distribution deals for his film Dogs Don’t Wear Pants. (Photo: Helsinki-Filmi) Read Variety’s article

Infinited Fiber Company’s recycled cotton is well suited for the future of the planet, as well as the denim industry. (Photo: Infinited Fiber Company) Read Sourcing Journal’s article

By: Samuli Ojala