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Weekend Wrap

IN PICTURES: Weekend wrap

Women’s Equality Day was celebrated this week to commemorate the 99th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the US.Jussi Hellsten

The autumn blues are putting the right vibes into Finnish music and design, as the silver screen scene digs deeper into ethical questions. Discover the past seven days in lifestyle and entertainment from a Finnish perspective.

When Marimekko was founded in 1951, there was no fashion industry in Finland, offering a clean slate for the iconic Finnish brand. (Photo: Yiping Feng & Ling Ouyang) Read Gem’s article

Autumn – the grande finale of seasons – is set to deliver a shivering epilogue to 2019 with releases from new and emerging Finnish music talent in pop, rock, jazz and folk. (Photo: Juho Luukkainen) Read Music Finland’s article

The Helsinki Design Awards will take the stage in a matter of weeks and the finalists are just in. (Photo: Kerttu Penttilä) Check out Helsinki Design Week’s list

Mähöne Brothers makes intimate things for your everyday kings. (Photo: Facebook/Mähöne Brothers)

Helsinki-based filmmaker Carolin Koss’ new documentary Copper Mountains brings home the environmental degradation of the Ural mountains. (Photo: AV-Arkki) Read AV-Arkki’s’ article

Oodi has been recognised for its swagger in the new school of libraries. (Photo: Aleksi Poutanen) Read our story

Sonata Arctica have released a new song off of their upcoming album, Talviyö. (Photo: Sonata Arctica)

Finnish production company Bufo will begin shooting a Somali-language film called The Gravedigger, which focuses on a Djibouti gravedigger’s life-defining story. (Photo: Bufo) Read Variety’s article

Svart Records will reissue the complete discography of Santa Lucia, the ‘80s/’90s all-things-heavy-and-punk girl band. (Photo: Svart Records) Read Rolling Stones’ article

Shovels hit the dirt for the Finnish Pavilion ahead of the Dubai Expo 2020. (Photo: JKMM Architects)
By: Samuli Ojala