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Weekend Wrap

IN PICTURES: Weekend wrap

The Finnish Film Foundation turns 50 years old this week. Here’s to keeping audiences tuned in for the next half a century!Teemu Liakka

Finnish musicians sing autumn into full swing as the other arts chime in. Discover the past seven days in lifestyle and entertainment from a Finnish perspective.

Finnish produce is giving international audiences the munchies. (Photo: Elina Manninen/Keksit) Read our story

The Finnish floorball league is shooting for Eastern Europe. (Photo: Anssi Koskinen) Read International Floorball Federation’s story

Long reign pluralism in classical music, says composer Sebastian Hilli. (Photo: Sara Kokko) Read Music Finland’s story

The intensely beautiful platform puzzler Trine 4 will pardon you from leaving the house this weekend. (Photo: Frozenbyte) Read The Sun’s article

The long summer had Americans sippin’ on gin and grapefruit. (Photo: The Long Drink Company) Check out Cheddar’s interview

Beta Film aims for the sky with the acquisition of Fisher King, a Finnish film company. (Photo: Fisher King) Read Hollywood Reporter’s story

Finnish design is a utility belt that also looks chic. (Photo: Oura) Read our Five for Friday

Fortum’s bid to change the fashion industry is no straw man. (Photo: Fortum) Read our Daily Brief

Soul singer Bobby Oroza loves his aesthetics 1950s-esque, rough around the edges. (Photo: Bobby Oroza) Read Music Finland’s feature

If a tree falls, what if there’s no one around to hear it, asks Realms. (Photo: Patrik Söderlund) Read AV-Arkki’s story

Finnish contemporary performers discharge the eerie and the cheery at Jacksons Lane in London. (Photo: Michael James)

Finnish crime drama series All the Sins makes a break for it. (Photo: Elisa) Read Variety’s article

By: Samuli Ojala