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Weekend Wrap

IN PICTURES: Weekend wrap

The Helsinki Baltic Herring Market is happening this week and still going strong after its founding over 250 years ago.Eetu Ahanen

Pictures and words are equally loud this week as Finnish illustrators, films and musicians have their say. Discover the past seven days in lifestyle and entertainment from a Finnish perspective.

Saku Vuori’s handcrafted guitars are resonating internationally. (Photo: Pinterest/Vuorensaku) Read Guitar.com’s review

Oranssi Pazuzu’s sound is a wormhole between empyrean harmony and nihilistic black metal. (Photo: Facebook/Oranssi pazuzu) Read Chicago Reader’s story

Milena Huhta escapes the mundane by adding a dash of magic to her illustrations. (Photo: Milena Huhta) Read the Finnish Institute in London’s article

Woodly’s new plastic alternative product could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as the equivalent of 10 million people flying around the world. (Photo: Woodly) Read EPPM’s article

Tiitu Takalo’s graphic novel sends a societal message with universal appeal. (Photo: North Atlantic Books) Read Truthout’s story

Moomins are the Finnish Swiss army knife: suitable for all situations, be a children’s learning game or a skateboarding hoodie. (Photo: Happy Hour Skateboards) Read our Five for Friday

Finnish films are headed to sunny São Paulo. (Photo: Sinikka Moilanen/Vegetarian Films) Read our Daily Brief

Project Ö goes green and sleek in the Finnish archipelago. (Photo: Aleksi Hautamäki) Read Dezeen’s feature

One-man developer studio Act Normal Games’ new masterpiece sees the light of day. (Photo: YouTube/Screenshot) Read Tech Raptor’s article

The Elements of AI ticks all the boxes in inclusivity, says MIT award. (Photo: Reaktor) Read MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenges post

Saara Aalto gets popping with a new track called Starry Skies. (Photo: Saara Aalto) Read Escxtra’s article

By: Samuli Ojala