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How to win at enterprise mobility

Nowadays, people are constantly on their mobiles.


The mobile revolution lies ahead for B2B, says Antti Rikkinen in this week's column.

If you are waiting for the world to change, here’s an update. I think the war is pretty much over. In the B2C markets, mobile has eaten the world. The winners are companies like Uber, AliExpress and TripAdvisor – players who understood the importance of mobile early enough.

In B2B, the mobile revolution is still ahead, though. But how can you emerge as a winner? And what will be your reward?

First, you should understand the fundamental trends that are currently shaping the world:

Just take a look around. People are on their mobiles constantly, creating and consuming content, getting things done. Also, the difference between working and being off the clock is getting really blurry.

Work is more and more done 24/7, often in short bursts when it is convenient. Nobody wants to fire up their laptops in the evening when they already have their mobiles in their hands.

“Focusing on mobility is not an option, it’s a must.”

Embrace the change. Give your team tools that exploit the benefits of mobility. Tools that might even make work feel less like work.

Here’s what you should demand from mobile enterprise tools:

I’m convinced that focusing on mobility is not an option, it’s a must. If you do not provide today’s top talent with the tools they actually want to use, you are riding toward the sunset.

On the other hand, proper mobile enterprise tools boost employee and team productivity to the next level. Modern tools make your people more active, motivated, accurate and timely. Happier and more motivated.

What if your team actually loved their everyday tools?

Antti Rikkinen
COO and co-founder, Zero Keyboard