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Hottest place on Earth for tech – Finland

Finland continues to punch above its weight in tech, according to Pekka Sivonen.

Now, I know the above is a bold statement. However, there are facts to back it up: Finland really is the place to be when considering R&D, testing or investing in new technologies like 5G, IoT and AI.

And here’s why.

To start with, Finland is a pretty good place to live. We are the most innovative and educated country in the world with a stable society and free education for its citizens. For clarification, we do not have all the answers, just yet, but we are trying our best to get there.

This good starting point paves the way for our leading position with new technology.

In global competitiveness surveys, the highly competent workforce and university-industry collaboration in R&D are often considered our key strengths. We top the rankings of European countries in R&D expenditure in relation to GDP.

Moreover, did I already mention that we use the most mobile data on the planet?

These are all crucial factors with R&D-intensive new technologies, such as 5G, IoT and AI. Naturally, our dedication to digitalisation has also lead to innovative commercial applications.

I could do this for days, but the main point remains the same. Finland is certainly not known for warm weather, but with tech, we bring the heatwave.

Published on 26.02.2018