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Finnish education offers worldly development

Finland approaches education from a global perspective, according to Kazeem Busari.

Sometime around 2011, while in my home country, Nigeria, I read and heard about one of the best educational systems in the world.

Five years later, I would find out for myself, when I began studying international business in Finland.

I have since successfully created the new sport and registered its name as a trademark in Finland, while other aspects of protection of intellectual property are ongoing. Currently, the new game is being promoted in Africa, especially in Ghana and Nigeria. However, I am not here to tell you about this new game, but rather what facilitated this achievement.

When I started my studies in Finland, I was nursing an ambition of starting a business/company or creating something. Thanks to a development project class that was offered, I was able to express my ideas and make them a reality. Right there and then, I was able to come up with this idea of creating a new sport.

The courses I took and the approach of people who taught them were relevant to the success of my idea. Everything had a global approach. I was taught how to effectively interact with people from at least 100 different cultures, and learnt about the etiquettes of presenting one’s ideas in culturally diverse groups.

I also discovered from my friends at other higher education institutions across Finland that the learning system I experienced is not too different from theirs.

I think this way of learning is among the best in the world because it allows you to genuinely and freely choose your passion, as well as provide you with the appropriate tools and environment to achieving your dreams.

This is a globally-minded approach that encourages creativity and innovation, and discourages fear and discrimination. I have no doubt in my mind that this is the way to go for a better world.

Published on 22.02.2018