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Customer satisfaction is the key to e-commerce

What insight does Lapland’s Young Entrepreneur 2018 have to say about eCommerce? Tiina Skinnari shares her thoughts.

When you understand your customer, you have the most important ingredient for success. Sketching customer profiles and their online shopping paths gives valuable information on how to attract, target and convince your customers in future.

Even though online shopping is a relatively new, ever-changing environment to work in, many old-school tools can produce great results also in this area of business. These include communicating frequently with customers via newsletters and surveys, and can be combined with modern methods like online data analytics to achieve results.

To combine these tools effectively, organise regular workshops, sketch out customers’ online paths and build customer profiles. Teams in these workshops can consist of people from different areas of your company – warehouse, purchase, customer service and marketing.

These workshops are one fast and very efficient way to find new points of view and deepen your understanding of your customers in order to plan and execute sales and marketing strategies more effectively.

This information is crucial when designing your online marketing and sales campaigns. Targeting the customer online as effectively as possible and making their purchase smooth and satisfactory are key to attracting more customers, convincing them to make a purchase and increasing conversion rates.

After the right customers have clicked onto your site, the task is to make them stay on your webstore and convince them to make a purchase. Therefore, a good-looking, smoothly working webstore is imperative.

Another key element is trustworthiness. Provide clear information on your website. Deliver quickly and exactly what the customer has ordered. Add a telephone number, and have top-quality customer service on hand. Reply to customers’ e-mails promptly, and handle them on a case-by-case basis.

When customers know they get great service, their purchase is safe and the delivery is fast, they are willing to come back.

Even complaints are important for building a long-term trustworthy customer relationship. When online sellers handle complaints well, customers may forget about their initial problem and remember only a trustworthy business.

Customer satisfaction should always be the goal and the starting point. Don’t just fulfil their expectations. Go the extra mile.

And remember, there is always something to learn and some way to develop.

Published on 09.08.2018