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Time to stop bracing and start embracing technology for kids

How can we help children become active users instead of passive recipients of technology? Sanna Lukander from Fun Academy gives her two cents.

I listen to teachers and parents who are worried about screen time – and I agree with them. We shouldn’t leave children to their own devices without guidance and support, just as we wouldn’t let them watch movies or read books that aren’t age-appropriate. Same rules apply to digital content and technology.

A big part of the world today is digital, and children are exposed to technology from a very early age. However, if they’re trained to be passive users of technology from early childhood, they will grow up to be passive consumers as adults. We must pay attention to what activates them to connect, discuss and create, and help children choose and interact with quality content.

Teachers all over the world play a key role in helping children and parents select the best technology and use it in a positive way.  We must empower teachers and remember that they too are lifelong learners and role models. Teachers should be given continuous support and access to cutting-edge teaching materials and tools, so they can promote essential life skills in their classrooms. Technology should support pedagogy and learning goals.

Initiatives, such as the Future Astronaut Program, can empower educators and inspire them to teach concepts such as science and technology through fun physical exercises or arts and crafts projects. They can also connect teachers and children across the world, enabling them to share and learn from best global practices.

We need to help children understand how the world works, so they can be happy and find their place in life – with a sense of meaning and belonging. Let’s choose inspiring content that helps children connect with each other, work as a team, create and explore, respect and admire the world for its amazing and beautiful diversity. Let’s put technology to good use.

Published on 21.12.2017