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#Suomi100 has put Finland on the map

What has #Suomi100 done to Finland's travel industry? Visit Finland executive vice president Paavo Virkkunen explains.

Tourism to Finland is reaching new levels. The growth is clearly visible on the streets, on the trains, at the airports and at the tourist attractions all over the country. People from Central Europe, the US, Asia… Foreign languages can be heard everywhere, new tourist services and attractions are being built. New accommodation capacity is under construction, redefining the concept of Finnish luxury.

Finland’s awareness of its source markets has increased significantly. Finland has been prominently present in various popular reality shows, creating lots of buzz and exposure on social media. If there is no awareness, there is no interest. If there is no interest, there is no demand. If there is no demand, there is no business. Following this logic, we’ve been able to reach new target groups and significant growth for Finland. The travel industry is doing its fair share for the national economy.

Awareness is key to selling Finnish products and services abroad. Although the strength of Finland’s brand is high – among the top 10, globally, already for quite some time – interest is a function of Nation Brand strength and awareness.

Regardless how strong the Nation Brand is, if awareness is zero, the function formula ends up in zero. Therefore, improving the awareness of Finland out there in the world is of utmost importance. Be it reality series filmed in Finland, movies produced with the support of government-funded payback or commercial Nation Brand promotion work like the recent Symphony of Extremes, anything that brings Finland to the eyes and minds of people in foreign countries is of great value.

As the late, great singer Frank Sinatra once said: “Never mind what they write about you, just mind that they write your name right.” Awareness is the key.

The Centennial Jubilee year of Finland has gained lots of publicity, globally. Lonely Planet, National Geographic, Financial Times, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar – just to name a few prominent global publications that announced Finland the place to go during the centennial year – have made a great impact on Finland’s awareness as travel destination. And it shows!

Let’s keep up the good work out there; let’s keep on creating awareness and good news of Finland, to help Finnish goods and services succeed in global markets. That is the best birthday present to the 100-year-young Finland we possibly can deliver. Let’s make the 101st year even better.


Good News from Finland is published by Finnfacts, which is part of Finpro.

Published on 07.12.2017