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Strong, stronger, veggie trend

We have a green future ahead of us – with plates full of greens, too, says Sanna-Maria Hongisto from Fazer Group.

Oh how easy (and delicious!) it is to fill a plate with plant-based food these days! The vegetarian trend keeps getting stronger. When it comes to eating habits, people are increasingly aware of not only their personal wellbeing, but also the environment and sustainability – the future of our planet.

The trend has already created, and continues to create, new business ideas and employment around plant-based innovations. Many companies and organisations have risen to the challenge of developing plant-based food options on plates. For example, Fazer has set up a new business known as Fazer Lifestyle Foods, which will focus on producing and marketing plant-based foods and snacks.

Another way of coming up with new alternatives for products of animal origin is to bring innovators together. Earlier this year, Fazer’s Foodathon openly invited teams from different corners of the world to set their creative minds to delivering new, plant-based food concepts. Letting food experts and enthusiasts rethink what we put on our plates can lead to a situation in which taste, eco-friendliness and ethical ingredients hit the blender.

The veggie trend can be seen in the everyday lives of a growing number of people. I witness the change in my personal life too, like when discussing with my children in the kitchen and they tell me how vegetarian food was the most mouth-watering option in the school cafeteria; or when my family cooks together with friends and we decide to go for meat, we choose game.

Opting for plant-based food more and more often or going full-on vegetarian or vegan is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. We’re headed for a delicious future of food full of more greens and whole grain cooked and enjoyed together with loved ones.

Published on 24.08.2017