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Finland’s high tech innovations in great health

This week Eero Toivainen tells how Finland is making a name for itself globally for its healthcare innovations.

In Finland, we don’t just innovate future solutions for healthcare, we also commercialise them well. Finnish health technology exports grew to new heights last year, which means that for a country the size of Finland this is its largest high technology export sector.

From another point of view, the strength of the capacity to innovate in healthcare can be measured by counting the number of digital health startups here. Finland has the highest number of digital health startups per capita in the world!

When you get 20 Finnish healthtech companies together and ask for a consortium of ideas, you get 20 different responses. Here, local companies need global integrators to connect these great solutions. This is already happening with global players setting up their centres of excellence and R&D in Finland, but right now we need international distributors and integrators who want to transform healthcare and can localise these new ideas and solutions.

Finnish healthcare’s transformative power is very much based on one of the best health systems in the world and ongoing reform which will uniquely integrate healthcare and social care. Another special feature in Finland is making health data, registers and databases, including biobank and genomic, available for patients as efficiently as possible to increase the quality of care.

Finally, taking Finland’s long history and deep roots in medical technology into consideration – and the fact that it is now pioneering wireless, software, games and 5G technologies – we can say that Finnish companies are in an outstanding position to develop solutions that capitalise on the opportunities which the Internet of Things opens in healthcare.

Welcome to Finland to discover healthcare innovations and winning teams to solve your needs!

Published on 20.04.2017