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A brave new Smart & Clean revolution leader is declared

This week, Eetu Helminen tells why Finland is set to become the world’s best test bed for smart and clean solutions.

There is something stirring in Finland, and especially in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The locals have raised the bar and the aim is once again to be the world’s best – the world’s best test bed for smart and clean solutions.

This is very significant. When we Finns all believe in the same goal and in ourselves, we have all the tools needed to improve the lives of people around the world. We can lead the way to turn the almost inevitable sustainability crises to opportunities. Combining our excellence in the smart – ie the nerdy digital sphere – to our strong cleantech-cluster and culture, will drive new prosperity.

The goal has been set together by the cities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, businesses, state and research organisations. They are all committed to making this happen. This is unique in the world – all the significant parties sitting around the same table and pulling in the same direction. This will lead to significant and permanent changes in the way cities operate, citizens behave and added value is created.

Finland has top experts in the Smart & Clean field, a new startup spirit and a culture of getting things done. Smart and clean solutions are created and implemented in mobility, the built environment, energy, waste and water, as well as consumer cleantech. The solutions tested and created in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area will be exported to the world and will solve city challenges globally.

It is time to turn your eyes to Helsinki. It is not just the craziness of Finns that calls for your attention – though our practical craziness helps to achieve things – it is the shared determination to change the world that should grab your attention.

Let’s get on with it!

Published on 16.03.2017