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Virtual Reality could work for Finnish gaming scene

Virtual reality gaming could be on the cards for Finland's gaming industry.

Finland’s place as a major developer of mobile games has already been assured with the successes of Rovio’s Angry Birds and Supercell’s Clash of Clans.

We are coming to an age where virtual reality (VR) gaming is starting to make an appearance. The question that I asked myself is: Can Finland’s gaming industry adapt to provide games for this new technology?

After interviewing one of Finland’s relatively new gaming companies and a company that renders and processes a number of popular games, about the possibility of working with VR gaming, the answer is yes, there would be an interest to adapt.

Digi-Capital predicts that the total augmented reality and VR market is going to be worth 120 billion US dollars by 2020. Of this total, nearly 10 billion US dollars could come from games and I wouldn’t put it past Finland’s game developers to want a chunk of that value.

I would hope that Finland’s video game developers can create an immersive first-person game using the same technology that they already use in developing mobile games and rendering 3D landscapes for multi-platform games.

The technology is already in use in mobile and multi-platform games, so there would be no need to spend money on new equipment.

All that consumers need to do is get a VR headset that they can plug their phones into and download games that would be compatible for a VR headset.

However, while there are a few companies in Finland who are already developing 3D games, most of them don’t want to enter that market just yet until something is created and put on the market place.

I’m optimistic that Finland will become a major developer of VR games like they have been with mobile games, if they’ll have the courage and drive to do so.


Editor’s note: the opinion was updated 18.3.

Josh Reid
Freelance journalist and gaming enthusiast