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Traditionally, but surprisingly yours

For our last column of the year, this week we give the stage to the one and only: Santa Claus himself. Or Joulupukki, as he is known in his native Finland.

There are times when traditions matter. I should know – through my work, I see people taking a break from their busy everyday responsibilities, finding comfort in their Christmas routines and the familiar ways in which the holidays havealways been spent. Porridge, afternoon sauna, Christmas dinner, gifts, some hot glögi, visits to and by relatives; whatever it is, for many it needs to be done in the same way, in the same order.

We are often told to think outside the box. Here in Korvatunturi, we work carefully to strike a balance between the old and the new; in other words, staying in the gift box but letting it vary in all shapes, sizes and colours. Some people like it big, some like it sparkly; others not much so, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Despite being almost as old as time itself, our Korvatunturi operations can on some level be compared to a startup. How to offer people who cherish Christmas so much something they not only need, but also want? Startups are in a similar position: new innovations have to be both needed and wanted. We all know that sometimes the last thing you want is the last thing you need, and vice versa.

What we wish to deliver to everyone is Christmas the way they like it, be it traditional or less so. For next year, I encourage you all to keep an open mind for new innovations, ideas and approaches to the things we’ve already established as good – because who knows, we might be able to make it better, if we give it the space, time and attention it deserves.

Merry Christmas and all the best for the coming year!

Published on 22.12.2016