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How to grow from local to global business

Due to the expanding digital arena, it’s now become possible for any brand to be truly global business.

Due to the expanding digital arena, it’s now become possible for any brand to be truly global business – new markets are just one click away. However, growing a global business does come with a bunch of challenges to tackle:

1) Market research – it’s imperative to collect data which can then be turned into actionable insights on local markets, consumer behaviour and demand before going ahead and launching into new regions.

2) Positioning – consider where your business will be positioned amongst (potential) competition. What are your unique selling points? What differentiates you from the rest?

3) Creating ecosystems – it’s very important to create an effective support network around your growing business, whether it’s growing your customer base, establishing partnerships or designing a seamless symbiosis with ideal and relevant networks.

As a Finn living in England, and as an international digital marketing business owner myself, I started my global expansion from Finland. I saw Finland’s great potential as the ‘gateway to the world’ and that’s how I’ve positioned my business within the digital agency landscape. Many businesses in the Nordics possess amazing know-how, cutting edge products and incredibly talented people – however they are not quite there yet with marketing themselves. That’s where we come in. We help businesses to conquer new markets.

My UK business is positioned very differently, as the business arena is very different. England is slightly ahead of the digital revolution and online marketing tactics than Nordics, due to the fact that London, one of the top hubs for digital advertising talent, is present. Competition is fierce and businesses are already quite savvy at marketing. Therefore we have positioned ourselves as an extension of their in-house marketing teams, rather than an external party to help them in figuring out digital strategies.

Therefore, before rushing to take over the world – plan your way through it. Create a roadmap, recognize the various challenges you may face along the way and enjoy the ride. Rewards follow dedication.

The world awaits – one click away.

Saija Mahon
Founder, CEO, Mahon Group