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Good News team moves houses

Launched in spring 2009, Good News from Finland (GNF) is a success story in terms of content.

Launched in spring 2009, Good News from Finland (GNF) is a success story in terms of content. Back then, we were a couple of people who were sick and tired of the gloomy mood in post-financial-crisis Finland. There was only bad news and worse news. Gloomy people and gloomy faces.

Well, the mood here isn’t so very sunny at the moment either, although there is light to be seen in many places. Pessimists are never disappointed, but what we need now is oodles of positivity and big ideas about a better tomorrow.

GNF hasn’t caused earthquakes with its news, nor has it been quoted on the front pages of newspapers. That was never the intention. The high-quality, reliable and up-to-date news website has featured, and hopefully will continue to feature, cheerful corporate news, interesting stories about people and backgrounds.

GNF, produced by Finnfacts, champions SMEs in particular. Finland has thousands of companies and entrepreneurs that would make thousands of interesting reads. We have done our best to fill that gap. Partly through the news website, partly by bringing hundreds of journalists to Finland each year to take a first-hand look at Finnish success stories.

According to feedback, we have performed our job well. We have received good feedback on GNF’s content especially from our foreign readers and Finnish instances around the world. It is possible to create high-quality content online, without a massive machine or a large staff behind it.

Finnfacts, and with it GNF and the media tour activities, will transfer to Finpro at the beginning of June. As the worn-out saying goes, there is a time and place for everything, but that is often what life is like. On my part, I wish to thank Finnfacts’ youthful staff, who are simultaneously efficient and brimming with ideas.

Good luck and continue on your mission to build a positive Finland!


Kari Väisänen
CEO, Economic Information Office TAT