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My Career: From Start to Finnish

Honesty and originality helped data scientist Momir land a job

Get to know more about Momir via LinkedInMomir Beljic

Momir Beljic, Serbia. Data scientist

“Finland is a great place for ambitious people.”

Momir first came to Finland as a PhD exchange student. He acted on pure intuition to choose Finland over other countries, such as England, Germany, Poland and Ireland, that were participating in the exchange programme. Now he is an experienced data analyst and machine learning engineer with a history of working in the consumer services industry.

  1. My initial expectations of Finland were…
to be a fully independent person, make decisions on my own and elevate my professional career. Finland is a great place for ambitious people.

This is a place where diligent people are highly rewarded and appreciated. In that sense, there wasn’t any difference to what I expected. It turned out to be a better than I expected, as I was not only recognised as a worker but also as an equal citizen.

  1. What I find surprising about working in Finland is…
that even though team work, and mutual support, respect and trust should be common at work they are actually rare in practice. However, in Finland these are more expressed, especially trust in co-workers and people in general.

  1. If I could change one thing about Finnish working life it would be…
depending on the working environment (working methodology and size of the company), that sometimes people are not so open to communicate and give feedback.

  1.  How I got my current job is…
I applied for the job, went through three interviews and one week later I was selected. The whole process took three weeks. Here it is most important to be honest and present your skills in an original way. I would say that people in the IT industry have a big advantage when searching for a job.

  1. The Finnish word that best describes working here is…
definitely ‘sisukas’ but in a respectful and tolerant manner. It really takes effort, persistence and love to work and create in periods when the weather conditions are not the best.

Published on 29.04.2019