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My Career: From Start to Finnish

Young creatives have many opportunities here, says Helena

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Helena Vizcaíno Cuenca, Spain. Creative at a social impact company and visual artist

“It’s very exciting to find new challenges and learn from other professionals in such a flexible environment.”

Back in 2012 Helena wanted something different. So, she moved to Finland to study in Lahti. A few years later, after finishing her studies in Spain and acquiring some work experience in the Czech Republic, she decided to come back.

1. What I find surprising about working in Finland is… when I first started applying for jobs in Finland, I was surprised by how most companies believe in young and fresh talent, and by the number of opportunities available for young creative people to work in different fields. I studied fine arts and never thought I could apply my skills to the public health field, for example, as I do at my job today!

2. If I could change one thing about Finnish working life it would be… Finns are well known for avoiding face-to-face confrontation, so communication can be challenging sometimes.

3. How I got my current job is… after working as an illustrator for advertising agencies for some time, I decided to pursue a career where my skills could help solving more meaningful issues. Although the job posting was targeted to much more experienced creatives, specifically senior art directors, I decided to apply anyway, and they must have liked me because I got the job!

4. The Finnish word that best describes working here is… ‘jännittävä’ [exciting]. Every day is a step further outside my comfort zone. It’s very exciting to find new challenges and learn from other professionals in such a flexible environment.

5. My initial expectations of Finland were… coming from Spain, I expected life in Finland to be very different: quiet and mostly indoors due to the cold weather. After more than five years of living here, I would say Finland is much more than that. It definitely is quiet here, but also very safe – and very vibrant in the summer time.

Published on 29.07.2019