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Five From Finland

Smart home solutions

Home is where the heart is – and Finnish innovation as well, of course.

Julia Bushueva

Your home is your castle, and it can be smarter, safer and more comfortable thanks to these practical Finnish innovations.

In this era of modern technology, everything in your home can be done in a smart way – from ensuring kitchen safety to optimising energy efficiency.

These five Finnish companies aim to improve people’s quality of life with their innovative home solutions.

What began as a product design company in 2006 has now grown into a leader in kitchen fire prevention. Headquartered in Espoo, Safera offers smart devices that can be effortlessly installed in any kitchen to ensure a safe and enjoyable cooking process.

Its latest product, Safera Sense, is the first smart cooking sensor that assists in cooking, monitors air quality and prevents home fires. In other words, it does everything that modern (and often distracted) home cooks need.

Built on Safera’s proprietary sensor technology and data analytics, Safera Sense is the perfect example of state-of-the-art smart home technology that is super practical and easy to use.

“There is no other product like this,” declared CEO Mikko Reinikainen.“It combines a stove guard, an air quality meter and a cooking application.”

Can there be anything more annoying for homeowners than enormous electricity bills? OptiWatti, a smart system that offers an easy way to adjust temperatures separately for each room, can save you up to 40 per cent on heating and cooling costs without compromises on comfort.

Used through a single interface, OptiWatti monitors room temperature around the clock and adjusts it for different times of the day based on the user’s preferences. Moreover, the system learns how each individual room reacts to temperature changes and takes into account the outside temperature, weather forecast and even electricity price fluctuations.

As a great bonus, installing this award-winning solution doesn’t require any major renovation work. OptiWatti promises to pay itself back in two to three years on average.

“Most people don’t know that heating can be automated like this, and often the first reaction when people hear about us is that it can’t be possible,” said co-founder Juha Marjeta. “This is typically followed by: How come no one has come up with the idea before!”

This joint venture of Finland’s Uponor and Belkin International from the US is focused on intelligent water solutions that help people to protect their homes from leakage, conserve water and save money.

Now, it’s taking water usage in homes across the US and Europe to the next level with Phyn Plus, a smart water assistant and shut-off system. Phyn Plus measures fluctuations in water pressure and alerts homeowners, via a mobile app, of abnormal water usage. It then automatically turns off the water in case of a major leak.

What makes this solution even more appealing is the fact that you don’t need to place multiple sensors around the home. One sensor in a single location will enable you to monitor your entire water system.

“Phyn’s intelligent water solution, Phyn Plus, is a great addition to Uponor’s product offering and fully in line with our strategic goals in terms of digitalisation and sustainability,” stressed Jyri Luomakoski, CEO of Uponor. “Phyn Plus protects house owners from leaks, conserves water and enhances our way of using water.”

If growing your own greens at home sounds like a smart idea, then growing them with the help of Plantui’s smart gardens is a double win. With no gardening skills needed, this unique all-in-one indoor garden device helps you to grow more than 50 different kitchen herbs, salads and trendy microgreens year round.

Plantui’s innovative technology and stylish design, which have sparked global interest, ensure ease of use, optimised growth conditions and lights, and low energy consumption.

“Plantui is perfect for an urban gardener and responds to global megatrends: self-sufficiency, hyper-local growing and sustainability,” says CEO Piia Maaranen.


The innovative Helsinki-based company focuses on creating smarter and more secure locks for homes to give people the feel of safety both at home and away. All that comes with a great bonus: minimalist and elegant Finnish design.

The company’s flagship product, OVIKU Nero, is a smart lock that can be controlled via a mobile app. Easy to install and manage, it can be retrofitted to existing locks and is compatible with most regular locks available on the Finnish market.

“Other smart locks can be opened if you have the key,” explained co-founder Tomi Ek. “Where we differ is that when you close the door, our mechanism deactivates the entire key cylinder.”

Originally published in November 2019

By: Zhanna Koiviola