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Five From Finland

Finnish innovation at Slush

Slush 2018 is here next week. Get ready for a dazzling display of Finnish innovation.Julia Bushueva

Standing tall amongst the abundance of buzz, Finnish knowhow is at the core of Europe’s biggest startup event.

This year, Slush has promised there would be no lasers at what has been perhaps the most laser-friendly event since Pink Floyd ceased touring in the ’90s. What will replace the retina-scorching visual feast of yesteryear is yet to be seen.

Nonetheless, what is a given in 2018 is that Finnish innovation will be on display. A focal point of knowhow from the north can be found at the Finland stand, hosted by Business Finland and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Various areas of expertise can be found at the stand, showcasing many of companies you have read about in Good News from Finland.


Finland excels in healthtech. Looking for proof? Disior’s image analysis software measures and models hard and soft tissue structures in CT- and MRI-images. Sooma’s homecare solution enables depression sufferers to restore normal brain function and alleviate their often-debilitating symptoms. Abomics specialises in translating genomics research into clinical practice and provides new approaches to personalised medicine. Meanwhile, GlucoModicum has developed a pocket-sized needle-free device for monitoring glucose and other analytes in interstitial fluid.

Circular economy

If money makes the world go ’round, the circular economy ensures we will still have a world in future in which to spend it. Solar Foods creates protein almost entirely out of thin air. Solnet’s smart solar solutions include IoT-enabled solar utilities and systems integrations for B2B. Her Majesty’s Drinking Box offers an ecologically sound approach to the global plastic straw problem. Echargie’s service platform for electric vehicles enables anyone to sell electricity – for any electric vehicle, from any standard wall socket, to anyone ­– with its app.

Next-generation learning

It’s now widely understood that Finland is a world-leader in education. Naturally, we already have the next generation of learning innovation up our sleeves. Grib3d combines 3D modelling with augmented reality (AR). Gigglebug’s animation is tickling funny bones around the globe. SyraWise is designing and producing games for safety education and environmental safety. 3DBear brings together Finnish pedagogical knowledge and technological expertise.


Time for another reality? Dispelix is fresh from raising 12 million US dollars for its AR eyewear solution. Glue Collaboration creates and manages virtual scenes for meetings and face-to-face collaboration through VR and AR platforms. Flexound’s smart cushion combines both sound and touch to create a holistic listening experience. HipFire Games is a team of experienced developers aiming to bring multiplayer co-op VR games to the top shelf.

The place to start up

Did you know that Finland launched an official Startup Permit earlier this year? Yes, international growth entrepreneurs are now eligible to build a startup company in Finland. Furthermore, it has been a bumper year in good news for innovators here, with Finnish startups attracting the most venture capital in Europe. Wondering what people born abroad think about working in Finland? Take a look at our series. Welcome!

By: David J. Cord