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Five From Finland

Feedback tools

Finns formulate fresh feedback tools with frequency.Julia Bushueva

What’s the word on giving feedback? Listen to these Finns.

Finnish people are known for being straight-shooting. There is no need to present your opinions daintily on a bed of cotton wool here. Hence, it’s no surprise that they have pioneered a number of effective feedback platforms.

This AI-based customer experience analytics software is a tool that can process feedback in 60 languages.

“Lumoa brings together multiple customer feedback sources and combines them utilising NLP [natural language processing] and AI to give the best and most comprehensive direct guidance to the business users on how to improve single points of customer journey,” said Aleksi Partanen, partner at Icebreaker.vc, which led a 650 000-euro funding round into Lumoa earlier this year.

Armed with the promise to provide businesses with a transparent and collaborative feedback system, Viima has become a globally recognised platform for developing innovation based on group input.

“What differentiates us from other feedback systems is our ease of use, visual appeal and overall fun,” co-founder Jesse Nieminen told us in 2015.

This company improves employee productivity and the work environment with its science-based Quality of Work Life (QWL) method. This consists of 15 strategically selected questions for employees designed to help uncover what areas of the business need improvement.

“We have companies that have used the Quality of Work Life, or QWL, method and within a year have improved their profitability by 25 per cent due to increased engagement,” Juha Huttunen, CEO and co-founder of VibeCatch, pointed out to us.

Giving feedback needs to be simple and immediate, according to this company, which set up an interface that can be prominently positioned for customer opinion.

“Consumers press one of the four buttons on the HappyOrNot terminals,” the company’s Heikki Väänänen told us. “We collect all the data and provide a reporting service for our clients by email. We get so much feedback from consumers that we can create statistics that companies have never received before.”

Touting itself as the “only customer feedback software with built-in marketing and sales tools”, this company also sees itself as the first customer feedback tool to enable companies to use a single dashboard to manage and collect data from all feedback channels.

“This is a comprehensive feedback tool; you cannot find it on the same scale anywhere else,” CEO Jaakko Männistö said in 2016. “You might be able to buy something like this for a lot of money, but there is no other scalable, cloud-based solution which is also targeted at smaller companies.”

By: James O’Sullivan