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Five From Finland

Business systems

The Finnish approach to business ensures there are numerous services and platforms that improve productivity and streamline workflows.Adobe

Looking to get down to business smoothly and effectively? This Finnish quintet is on hand.

These innovative systems from Finland help to facilitate smoother business practises across a range of applications.

After realising that integrating the different systems of companies needed to be made easier and more affordable, this company decided to specialise in making them work in harmony. And so, bid farewell to accounting software that doesn’t work with your logistics system, which in turn doesn’t match with your webstore.

“The current generation of [our] platform allows us to customise the integrations and has opened the market for bigger customers with customised systems as well,” explained co-founder Tomi Räsänen. “Now we can serve customers from small micro-companies to mid-sized enterprises.”

A recent funding round proved that this company was on to something with its business analytics dashboard. It’s plug-and-play cloud service turns numbers and metrics into visual, actionable data for project teams and their stakeholders. This means that they can easily track project progress and react to any potential issues.

“Numbers alone don’t lead to change. You need to act based on the numbers and for that to happen, the information needs to be visible,” founder Sami Linnanvuo said last year. “We dig up the information, calculate the metrics and can put it all also on big TV screens on the office walls for everybody to see.”


This company is using digital collaboration and gamification to shift change management from consulting jargon to an engaging tool for organisational transformation. The end result, NOOA, is an online platform for change management.

“If a small group makes a plan, presents it with a slideshow and then says, ‘let’s implement this’, others are not able to learn from it and commit to it,” explained founder and CEO Tom Grönstrand. “People are more committed when they can come up with things to do themselves, instead of just being told what to do.”

This Tampere-based team developed a digital team game – and then realised it could help everyone else create their own, too. The resultant ActionTrack is targeted at corporate events, education, destination services and marketing.

“Gamification is a huge trend, and ActionTrack makes it available to everyone,” CEO Kari Laurila told us. “For example, teachers and education service providers can use it in teaching, resorts and hotels to develop activities for guests, and employees to make their workshops more engaging by turning them into a team game.”

Invoicing, time tracking, project management – this is only the start of a long list of the business management systems used by companies. This cloud service promises to bring them all under one roof.

“Companies want ease-of-use, agility and cost-efficiency,” the company’s Fredi Palmgren explained. “You can improve productivity and save time when you have a tool people actually like to use and where all different modules work together.”

By: James O’Sullivan