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Rent a Finn as your guide to happiness

Let this happy bunch guide you to tranquility in nature.Visit Finland

Visit Finland’s new Rent a Finn initiative invites people from around the world to experience first-hand how to live in harmony with nature and self like a Finn.

Finland was ranked as the world’s happiest country by the UN last year, thanks to the special connection between its people and nature. Studies have shown that nature can have a positive impact on our minds and alleviate stress, even after a short stroll in the great outdoors.

When the summer arrives, a select group of Finns will welcome foreign visitors into their homes and become their happiness guides, showing how to reconnect with nature and relax the way the Finns do.

Not much to stress about around here. Image: Petri Jauhiainen / Vastavalo

“The Rent a Finn campaign is in response to the global travel trend of living like a local, which is all about sharing genuine experiences with ordinary people,” said Heli Jimenez, senior director of international marketing at Business Finland. “Pure nature is a part of life in Finland. We go outdoors in any weather, let our babies nap outside and spend a great deal of time in nature in general.”

Everyday extraordinary

Travellers can apply for the Rent a Finn initiative until 14 April 2019, and the visits taking place this summer will be completely free of charge.

So far, eight ordinary Finns have been selected as happiness guides from among hundreds of applicants. They will welcome visitors to their homes and lives for a few days and show them how they like to unwind in nature.

Spend time with a Finn, the happiest folks in the world. Image: Visit Finland

“Time runs differently on our island,” said Linda Räihä, one of the happiness guides. “It seems to slow down somehow, and there is never a need for hurry.”

Balance your lifestyle

Assisting the campaign is Hintsa Performance, a Finnish high-performance coaching company with a clientele that ranges from Fortune 500 leaders to Formula One world champions.

The Finnish company advocates a balanced lifestyle for achieving sustainable performance. A test based on Hintsa’s methods can be taken on the Rent a Finn website to help you find out how balanced your own lifestyle is.

“Our modern life is full of stimuli, and unwinding can be a challenge,” said Annastiina Hintsa, COO at Hintsa Performance. “Spending time in nature helps you reset and recover. Seeing where you stand is the first step towards reducing stress and creating long-term performance.”

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By: Rasmus Hetemäki