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Slush 2018 through a lens, day one

Slush 2018 – what matters is inside, indeed.Credits: : James O'Sullivan

Finland-related innovations took centre stage at the first day of Slush. Take a look for yourself.

Nightingale CCO Kristina Tolvanen (right) and Essi Lyytinen of Aava got ready to demonstrate a new robust concept of health assessment that combines Nightingale’s blood analysis technology with the lifestyle balance assessment of Aava, the fourth largest medical centre chain in Finland. Image: Susanna Lehto
Jari Salo presented the Finnish-made Silmu chair, which is not a chair, but a private space equipped with active noise cancellation, health applications that do not require wearable gadgets, as well as audio and video experiences. Salo hopes that the chair will help people worldwide to fight stress and encourage feelings of the calm, wellbeing and health that Finns enjoy daily. Image: Susanna Lehto
Spark Sustainability CEO Amanda Reijström (left) invited Slush participants to move from climate talk to taking real action by capturing themselves for an Instagram campaign to offset 100 kilos of emissions for each posted image. Based in Finland, Spark Sustainability is making sustainability visible for all and making sustainable choices easier by providing a discussion platform based on daily climate action questions. Image: Susanna Lehto
Good News from Finland played a table hockey game with Quuppa’s Ville Norra to test its accurate indoor positioning technology, which is used also in the Finnish hockey league. The result of the game was not so straightforward, however. Image: Susanna Lehto
The snow may have been nowhere to be found outside, but at least there was a snowman on offer indoors. The Finland stand offered attendees such as Ninni Virkki (left) and Kati Hiltunen from Business Finland an opportunity to immerse themselves in a winter experience by decorating a frosty friend with festive accessories. Image: Susanna Lehto
Russian company Samocat Sharing is installing 50 kick scooter stations around Helsinki in 2019, showcasing the future of city mobility. “Together with the support of Team Finland, we got a great opportunity to come to Helsinki with plans to expand further in Europe,” said founder Vasilii Bykov. “Our next step is to deploy winter pushbikes with Nokian tires, which we hope to have ready in one to two years.”
What would Slush be without an astronaut? Kimmo Isbjörnssund of ESA Business Incubation Centre told about the future of business models that are created to work well in space as well as on Earth. Solar Foods making food from air is just one example. Image: Susanna Lehto
Promoting health and wellbeing, Oura’s content lead, senior data scientist and customer support specialist stuck to their planking routine – an office challenge they started a week ago to live up to their idea of healthy and balanced life. Props to them, since even Slush didn’t disrupt their dedication. Image: Susanna Lehto
Conor Lennon of Tampere-based startup Chargie showed their e-vehicle charging unit, which the company owners hope will help many people to not only charge their e-vehicles, but also to make money by selling their own electricity. In the Nordics, where preheating car engines is a norm due to cold winters, the infrastructure is already in place and the future looks brighter than ever for electric vehicles. “Every person thinking about buying a car should consider buying an electric car,” he said. Image: Susanna Lehto

Good News from Finland is published by Finnfacts, which is part of Business Finland.

By: Julia Helminen