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Three cheers for Uplause

“We are having a good momentum,” Aura reasons. “The growth potential is still huge, as there are many markets we haven’t entered yet.”Uplause

Uplause, a state-of-the-art global actor and forerunner in interactive fan engagement and event advertising, is promoting unforgettable live event experiences all around.

Imagine a full stadium. A tense world-class match is underway, hopes are high and the atmosphere is heady, while fans are doing their utmost to break decibel records. The core concept of this comfortingly familiar image has remain unchanged throughout the ages, yet thanks to new mobile, social and digital technologies, fan engagement is more fun than ever.

At the forefront of facilitating engaging user experiences for large audiences is Helsinki-based crowd and gaming software developer Uplause.

“Nowadays, spare time is considered as a highly valued luxury and therefore is an extremely competitive part of people’s social lives,” explains Heikki Aura, co-founder and executive vice president. “Our response is to create activating content around the core function of an event that gets people involved. I am proud to say that we are pioneers with our unique platform in this new and growing industry.”

The Uplause Live Event app can measure the decibel level of crowd enthusiasm when they are shown pictures and videos taken by users. Image: Uplause/Screenshot

Uplause’s core focus is its patented software, Uplause Engagement System, setting the stage for dynamic live events that contain digital and social interactions, such as a decibel meter system that automatically captures and displays true decibel levels of fans in stadiums and arenas.

Altogether, the company’s portfolio includes a library of more than 25 different crowd games. These include classic live event features like interactive kiss and dance cameras to maintain the good vibes during breaks in the action. The company also specialises in a variety of sport games, such as basketball, ice hockey and motor racing to keep crowds entertained, as well as tying in with brand categories across beverages, airlines and banking.

Work the crowd

The modern era of mobile apps means that Uplause Mobile brings even more added value to the live event framework. Fans can participate in trivia, quiz, voting or games using their mobile device. Live scoring or real time voting is then displayed on digital signage at the venue, along with trivia results.

“Not only the fans at venues, but also TV broadcasters are willing to utilise Uplause,” Aura adds, “because we can provide specific live stream of the interactive feature for audience watching TV at home.”

Until now, Uplause has been making its presence felt in over 20 countries, including more than 100 venues and 30 million fans engaged. Such has been company’s success that turnover has increased by 100 per cent annually for each of the last three years. The most important market areas are in North America and the major economies in Europe, but it is growing in Asia as well.

Uplause seeks to develop and market social games for audiences, delivering memorable interactive entertainment for participants. Image: Uplause

Half of the Uplause client base consists of sports teams and leagues, whereas the remainder are either brands or sponsors.

“While teams have more focus on fan engagement, sponsors spend a lot for the visibility and possibility to be connected to a brand or a team,” Aura reveals. “According to studies, as many as 90 per cent of the people who participate and interact with authentic crowd games at live events will remember the brands involved. That is powerful.”

Uplause’s might has spread to some notable sports on the world stage, most recently at the French Open tennis tournament. Across the pond in the US, last season nine National Football League teams, including the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets, used the system to improve their match day events.

It’s not just sporting crowds who enjoy Uplause’s offering, with music festivals such as Rock in Rio among the events keeping people entertained thanks to this northern pioneer.

Patience is a virtue of the crowd pleaser

The company has built its audience gradually since it was founded in 2009 by a couple of Finnish tech-scene heavyweights with a background in companies such as Supercell. After joining forces the duo then laid the groundwork for their platform and technology for stadia crowd pulling and entertainment.

These days, to keep in step with the times, Uplause has two main focal points for growth: new customers and product development.

“When we first got this idea of crowd games, it was because we realised that live events weren’t using the latest technology, and that was in 2009,” Aura explains. “The progress in the tech field has been dizzying from there, to the point where now we are looking where we can go with AR and VR technologies.”

With this in mind, envisage that full crowded stadium you always wanted to reach, but it is located on the other side of the world. This dilemma is being solved in the not too distant future with the virtual and augmented technologies of tomorrow, where all fun and games will truly come to life in the comfort of your own home.

On behalf of these sports fans, a round of applause, for Uplause.

By: Tuomas Koivisto