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in4mo stakes its claim with software solution

With in4mo’s building claim software solution, insurance companies can process related claims a lot faster and smoother.Adobe

This Finnish company’s innovation speeds up the building insurance claim handling process and helps coordinate related activities quickly and efficiently.

Gene Kelly may have immortalised the idea of Singing in the Rain, however, the presence of dampness indoors is nothing to rejoice about for a policy-holding property owner and their insurer.

Regrettably, it is estimated that some 60 000 incidences of water damage occur annually in Finland. Of these, insurance companies pay total or partial compensation in about 38 000 cases. Other countries surely are no strangers to the same.

Imagine how laborious it is to get all the parties – the right renovator, the insurer and the policyholder – to solve the reported damage at the right time.

Enter the solution of in4mo: a software system that transforms a complex and also highly emotional situation into a set of perfectly coordinated activities.

Brainchild of the mother of invention

“Before our system, when property owners had a case of water/moisture damage in their home or other premises they called the insurance company, starting a long and complex resolution process,” says Jean-Christophe Andre, marketing and strategic planning director of in4mo. “This work was highly manual and laborious.”

With this gap in the market waiting to be filled, this Espoo-based company in business since 2007 took it upon itself to come up with a solution that relies on the latest mobile and Internet technologies.

“We set out to create a strong ecosystem of partners around the insurance company to enable them to face any eventuality encountered by always finding the best partners,” Andre says.

With in4mo’s building claim software solution, insurance companies can process related claims a lot faster and smoother. “The idea is to standardise the repair reporting and handling process for inspectors and builders working in the field and claims handlers at insurers’ offices,” he explains.

So, how does the system work in practice?

Everything starts when the policy holder calls the insurance company about property damage. At this instant, a case is created in the in4mo system and followed through until resolution.

The inspector examining the circumstances reports observations with the mobile app that is also used by the building contractors performing the repair work. Meanwhile, the insurance company relies on the browser-based interface and the policyholder can follow case progress on his browser.

“The whole system is better organised for all parties, including faster reciprocal information provision and thereby overall handling of the claim, resulting in smiling faces across the board,” Andre lists.

Nordics covered, sights set further afield

In addition to its native haunts, in4mo currently operates also in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In 2016 alone they reported plenty of new partnerships across the Nordics.

“Insurance and building requirements differ from country to country, requiring local adaptation of the company’s system, including localised language versions,” Andre continues. “Additionally, as more people get familiar with smartphones and tablets, our systems become easier to implement.”

Advancements in phone technology play a big part, as exemplified by the development of smartphone cameras used for reporting building damage and negating the need for conventional cameras.

Not least owing to the company’s international staff representing 15 different nationalities, in4mo is, however, in position to seek global growth.

“We are actively looking for opportunities to enter new markets,” Andre says. “We believe that our solutions and experience help insurers in any markets to better control their building claims.”

In a world where mobile technologies gain more and more ground – and roofs continue to leak – rest assured: we will be hearing about in4mo for some time yet.

in4mo’s leading Nordic property claims platform optimises every stage of the process between the parties, from first notice of loss to repair and payment. Image: in4Mo
By: Mika Oksanen