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Emergence is in a winning position

The Finnish Transport Agency is using Taival solution on to follow the movements of buoys to ensure sea safety.Emergence

Finnish location-tracking service Emergence has developed a maintenance-free IoT solution for asset management – powered solely by solar energy.

Have you ever dreamt of a multitalent, jack-of-all-trades service that gets the most out of one’s physical assets in a user-friendly and ecological way? In the place of pipe dreams is Emergence’s* Taival, which is an energy self-sufficient – and thus cost-efficient – IoT solution that improves asset management and the efficiency of logistics.

In the present world, where the vast majority of goods are transported via seaborne trade, Taival emerges as a vital service for all types of cargo and for the safety of sea traffic.

“Our service does not require hardware investments from customers,” says managing director Vesa Aaltonen. “With a monthly fee, customers can utilise the whole package. It includes the usage of the device, access to our cloud services, mobile data connectivity and connections to services like SAP if required.”

Taival is a maintenance-free energy self-sufficient tracking solution that is powered solely by the Sun. Image: Emergence

Emergence is much more than just a tracking device provider and positioning system, since Taival works as a hub for sensors and provides connectivity to the cloud.

“We are constantly developing our service’s sensory capabilities,” Aaltonen explains. “For instance, Taival delivers information regarding temperature and humidity, but it may as well calculate the operating hours and the distance heavy machines have been running in order to estimate the need for maintenance.”

Install and forget

When compared to other devices on the market, Taival reigns superior due to its non-existent maintenance costs.

“Usually devices need repairs from time to time or their batteries must be replaced after some years or even months, but we have resolved this issue,” says Aaltonen. “Our solution goes along with the install-and-forget principle. It is guaranteed to be running for 10 years all alone.”

Emergence’s device utilises various Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), such as GPS, and provides global positioning coverage.

“We have a self-learning system in our hands that is brimming with intelligence,” tells Aaltonen. “Our competitors have passive devices that send data updates only on a daily basis, whereas Taival can update the data to our cloud as needed here, there and everywhere, even every five minutes.”

Emergency’s Taival is a service, which works as a hub for sensors and provides connectivity to the cloud. Image: Elisa

Currently, Emergence is the only company in the world that is able to supply a maintenance-free solution for unpowered buoys regardless of harsh conditions.

“The feedback has been encouraging,” Aaltonen adds. “We are running a pilot project together with the Finnish Transport Agency, and our solution has worked miracles in improving sea safety. Positioning accuracy has been better than expected, and as a whole the device has received a warm welcome.”

Keep on the right track

Founded in 2008, initially the company focused on traditional monitoring service business. The idea of the new Emergence arose a couple of years ago and materialised during research cooperation with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. This was followed by further product development and piloting, and last year Emergence won the Elisa IoT Innovation Challenge at the tech startup event Slush.

The company is looking to launch internationally later this year, with a focus on the UK, Germany and Spain.

“Our clientele will mostly be mobile industrial assets,” tells Aaltonen. “Our solution is a perfect fit for regularly and irregularly moving, not so nickel-and-dime parts of the infrastructure and logistics chains, such as interchangeable and intermodal freight containers.”

The company has raised half a million euros in their previous funding round. Currently, Emergence is seeking new capital.

“We are eager to expand and grow fast,” Aaltonen reveals. “We are aiming to be a major player in the worldwide business of wireless positioning services.”

Given that people, goods and chattels are more mobile than ever these days, Taival couldn’t be better positioned for future success.

*Part of Yepzon since 2019

By: Tuomas Koivisto