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Olento Life can save your marriage

We Did It gives troubled couples a chance to become hands-on healers of their own relationship before their problems become insurmountable.Pexels

This Finnish startup has created a mobile solution that helps to steady the ship when relationships sail into choppy waters.

Some years ago cracks started to appear in the relationship between Peeter Lange and his then-wife. Whilst both of them worked hard to get the spark back with and without therapists, nothing seemed to help. They ultimately decided to file for divorce.

In a way, the first product launched by Lange’s company, Olento Life, is a story of his personal growth. After his family fractured, Lange started to ponder the concept of relationships and their DNA. Having already spent the previous decade building digital consumer services for a living, he began to look at relationships as a process-like method.

The result is We Did It, an app that helps people understand where their relationship is at and provides tools for improving it. The method was not born overnight; instead, a considerable amount of research has been conducted over the course of its development, including a large-scale project with Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation Tekes and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Status update

The free app consists of a basic questionnaire that enables couples to determine the status of their relationship, and a three-week fee-based programme that helps them give their relationship a boost. If further assistance is still needed, users can continue with additional programmes by paying a monthly fee. We Did It also provides users with interesting statistics and allows them to compare their relationship to others in various areas.

“The aim is to change the relationships through action,” Lange explains. “The app will help people realise what is important for them and what is important for their partner, and how to merge these things together.”

Just as the unique nature of every couple represents a summary of the individual needs and dreams of two people, each We Did It session mirrors the specific duo in question. Studies have shown that the app’s greatest impact is made on communication and sex and intimacy. The ways in which We Did It approaches these specific problems can be divided into awareness and actions.

“The analysis makes people aware of the situation, and actions bring the change that is needed,” Lange outlines.

Relationship balm for all

Although We Did It is currently only available in Finland, the next version slated for release in a few months’ time is targeted at the international market, and will be localised into different languages.

The app is designed to serve everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or culture. Initially, the main target group will be in the Western market, though Lange also points to Asia and Arabic-speaking countries as additional regions of interest.

With all of this in mind, the CEO still underlines that the app is not a substitute for therapy. Rather, it offers couples a chance to become hands-on healers of their own relationship. For some, booking a therapy session might be too big a hurdle to overcome, therefore downloading an app and dealing with the issues at home in a more comfortable environment can suit them better.

“I’d say We Did It is a more intimate, fun and straightforward way to increase health and happiness in a relationship,” he states. “When both commit, the effects are immediate.”

After founding Olento Life in 2013, these days Peeter Lange is joined by two employees and a wide range of mentors. The team is set to double in size by the end of the year. Image: Olento Life
By: Anne Salomäki