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VTT takes on problematic feed waste

The waste industry uses extruders to make pipes and profiles.VTT

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has prototyped a cylindrical extruder to turn problematic waste into pellets.

The cylindrical extruder takes apart textiles, plastics and food waste and turns them into long-fibre composites. VTT is now looking to commercialise the technology.

“Commercialising the device would create completely new possibilities both in terms of waste processing and novel material combinations,” explained Tomi Erho, principal scientist at VTT.

Conventional devices usually have a three–four-centimetre screw diameter, but the novel device is equipped with a much larger, 30-centimetre diameter. It enables the mixing of problematic and lightweight materials for the sequential stage of processing.

“The new extruder opens up a revolutionary opportunity to recycle mixed textiles and materials without having to separate fibres or components,” said says senior scientist Pirjo Heikkilä from VTT.

“We have successfully tested the device, for example, for recycling pillows without removing the filling in the course of a project called Telaketju with funding from Business Finland.”

The extruder’s design is cheaper due to its relatively small size, measuring in at just two metres and 1.5 tonnes. It has novel applications in the feed industry.

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By: Samuli Ojala