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VTT develops highly fire retardant coating

HefCel-coated wood on the left compared with untreated wood after a 30-second flame test.VTT

VTT Research Centre of Finland has developed a new highly fire retardant coating made from nanocellulose that is well suited for wood-based materials.

Applied by spray or brush, the nanocellulose-based coating reduces the access of oxygen to the material’s surface and thus inhibits combustion to a significant degree.

VTT has come up with an effective production method for the coating through piloting and is currently looking for a partner to commercialise the technology, which has significant potential in the fire retardant treatment of construction materials.

“We have many more good ideas about how to simplify the process and make it even more efficient,” said senior scientist Panu Lahtinen from VTT.

The idea behind the coating was developed by VTT scientists Vesa Kunnari and Jaakko Pere and is based on VTT’s patented HefCel (high-consistency enzymatic fibrillation of cellulose) technology, developed in a Business Finland-funded project exploring opportunities with cellulose.

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Published on 25.04.2019