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UROS expands its IoT solutions to education

UROS will begin its smart education campaign in Finland and the Nordics, with plans to expand into Russia and Kazakhstan.UROS

Finnish telecom company UROS has signed an agreement with US-based OneScreen to offer smart education opportunities for the workforce of tomorrow.

UROS and OneScreen inked the deal to bring about better learning tools in order to empower students to operate in future smart cities. The digital and social skills requirements of tomorrow are planned to be met with OneScreen’s team collaboration system, which is to be integrated with UROS’ turnkey IoT and connectivity solutions.

“We met the leaders at UROS through our partnership with Qualcomm. We found that their goals align with ours to create a terrific strategic fit,” said OneScreen CEO Sufian Munir. “They prioritise excellence in STEM education for the next generation and so do we. Their targets are ambitious, but we know it will take that kind of ambition to build the smart cities that we will need in the near future.”

It is the mutual ambitious mindset that brought the two parties together.

“We’ve set a target of serving hundreds of millions of users globally with our IoT platform over the next two years,” stated Jerry Raatikainen, CEO of UROS. “In our research into how we would actually do that and stay on schedule, we discovered that OneScreen produces the most innovative collaboration solutions out there today. It has been a delight working with them, and it has been a perfect arrangement for us.”

UROS has made waves in the past years with its roaming solution and by claiming the title of fastest growing company in Finland. A few years ago, the company made its move into the IoT sector as well, and now it seems to be on the right track, as evidenced by a recent deal with Tata Communications.

By: Samuli Ojala