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Tecnotree inks EUR 15.8 million deal

Tecnotree’s net sales in 2018 were 41.9 million euros.Shutterstock

Finnish telecommunications company Tecnotree has signed an agreement worth 15.8 million euros with an undisclosed client in the Middle East.

The agreement will see Tecnotree deliver its Digital BSS Suite 5 product to the telecommunications provider, aiming to enhance the client’s IT systems by adding agility and functionality. The deal is an extension of a long-term relationship between the parties, as Tecnotree has previously helped the client with a large customer relationship management project.

“We’re glad to have the possibility to continue our long-lasting partnership with a leading operator and to help them increase their growth with the our Digital BSS Suite 5 product,” commented Padma Ravichanger, CEO of Tecnotree.

The deal will be carried out as a two-year strategic project, during which Tecnotree will update the client’s IT systems to open source and cloud-based solutions.

“The agreement is another sign of our strength and ability to support large operators on their digital transformation journey with our state-of-the-art digital transformation package, which was chosen from among various competitors in the bidding process.”

Tecnotree has been clinching deals on a consistent basis over the past years from Iran, Nepal and the Middle East.

By: Samuli Ojala