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TactoTek partners on IMSE with BÖ-LA

TactoTek will add IMSE solutions to BÖ-LA’s product mix.TactoTek

TactoTek, a Finnish expert in injection-moulded structural electronics (IMSE) solutions, has started a sales and marketing partnership with BÖ-LA.

The deal brings together the knowhow of the two parties to develop solutions for integrating electronic functionality within moulded plastics in different markets.

BÖ-LA is a German pioneer in film-insert-moulding and a well-known technology partner in the automotive, appliance and other markets. It will now start to sell and market IMSE solutions with support from TactoTek.

“We have been actively involved in developing and commercialising techniques for adding electronic functions to cosmetic surfaces, including integrating printed electronics in 3D-formed FIM parts,” saidDirk Lange, head of sales at BÖ-LA. “With TactoTek’s IMSE technology, we can also integrate electronic components within these moulded structures, which increases integrated functionality and streamlines production for the right designs.”

TactoTek is headquartered in the Finnish city of Oulu. Last year, it secured 18.5 million euros in a funding round, and it has been using the funding to spur international growth.

Published on 15.04.2019