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Spinnova signs globally recognised textile expert

Nawar Kadi (right) will help commercialise Spinnova’s sustainable fibre.Spinnova

Sustainable textile company Spinnova has signed professor Nawar Kadi, from the University of Borås, to help to commercialise the company’s fibre-production technology.

Professor Kadi will join Spinnova’s team while retaining his position at the University of Borås in Sweden. In his day job, Kadi focuses on textile recycling, and fibre, yarn and textile structures and composites. The agreement with Spinnova includes training and consulting to develop the Finnish company’s proprietary fibre for commercial application.

“It is a tremendous opportunity to collaborate with a great team who is determined to translate this creative, innovative and revolutionary idea into a new technology to produce sustainable fibre,” commented Kadi. “This eco-friendly fibre will cause a stir in the textile market.”

Spinnova finalised its pilot, industrial-scale production line at the end of 2018. The next step is to finish product development by the end of the year, something in which Kadi will play a key role.

“The kind of technical and industrial textile expertise that we need in commercialising our fibre is not easy to find in Europe,” said Janne Poranen, CEO of Spinnova. “With Kadi we found a highly professional expert in his field, one who can really help us speed up bringing our first products to the market.”

Spinnova is a spin-off company from the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The company’s CTO, Juha Salmela, was recently named the European CTO of the year.

By: Samuli Ojala