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Sniffie Software boosted by Google

Sniffie Software was announced as one of the winners in Google’s Stockholm office in Sweden last week.Sniffie Software

Finnish company Sniffie Software is among three promising startups selected for Google’s new Accelerate Your Growth initiative.

Sniffie Software focuses on automated price monitoring and marketing for retail and e-commerce, and was picked from a large pool of contestants for the new accelerator programme being piloted in the Nordics.

The Finnish startup, along with Swedish startups Real Reach and Match2One, is now being tasked with solving global marketing and ad tech challenges of tomorrow under Google’s mentorship.

The advantages of being selected for the pilot include receiving specialist support for both technical and business model solutions, enhancing product offering with Google Ads API, and being fast-tracked to the application stage of Google’s partnership programme.

Sniffie Software helps retailers compete with large online stores by automating their marketing based on market data on factors such as price changes, new products and availability.

“We think an advertiser should be able to change the core message according to the price position that the company is in,” commented Sniffie Software CEO, Tomi Grönfors. “As the cheapest option it’s worth stressing the price, while as the most expensive one, emphasis should be placed on excellent customer service and quality, for example.”

Published on 05.02.2019