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Qt partners for in-vehicle infotainment systems

The Qt Automotive Suite is a unified HMI toolchain and framework that ensures cohesive user experiences in futuristic digital cockpits being developed for cars.Screenshort/Qt

Finnish software company Qt is collaborating with LG Electronics Vehicle Component Solutions to enhance its development of highly advanced in-car experiences.

Qt has a long-time partnership with LG Consumer Electronics that has now been expanded to also cover software development for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems being put together for a wide array of automotive manufacturers.

The automotive industry is evolving fast with the emergence of new technologies that add more screens and software into cars. In order to support and maintain a cohesive driving experience, IVI development projects require increasingly advanced technical capabilities.

“As in-car experiences become more technologically advanced, manufacturers now seek an integrated, full-fledged HMI platform to cover all different system domains inside the vehicle,” said Juneun Park, vice president of LG’s Vehicle Component Solutions Company. “The Qt Company provides all the necessary technology to easily create intuitive touch-driven displays. Other features like 3D graphics and personalisation enable impressive cockpits in feature cars.”

The Finnish company has recently also partnered with Parrot Faurecia Automotive and French automotive manufacturer Peugeot to develop the two companies’ digital cockpit concepts.

Published on 11.01.2019