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Purso acquires Nedal Aluminium

Purso Group is based in Nokia, Finland.Purso

Finnish aluminium processor Purso Group has expanded and strengthened its market position in Europe by acquiring Dutch company Nedal Aluminium.

The acquisition is the largest in Purso’s history and will double its production capacity and open new market opportunities in Central Europe.

Nedal Aluminium, a subsidiary of Dutch company Hunter Douglas, had a turnover of approximately 75 million euros last year and employs around 200 people. Its production plant is located in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

“The transaction brings together the expertise of two traditional aluminium processors when Purso, 60 years, initiates a partnership with the 80-year-old Nedal,” said Jussi Aro, CEO of Purso. “Besides doubling our production capacity, this transaction helps us strengthen and expand our market reach significantly towards Central Europe in accordance with our strategy.”

Purso’s expertise lies in processing aluminium into profiles and components, as well as in building and lighting systems, whereas Nedal Aluminium focuses particularly on large and heavy profiles.

Nedal Aluminium will continue to operate as a separate company within Purso Group. The transaction price has not been made public.

Published on 07.01.2019