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Picosun solidifies ALD partnership with Nanexa

A Picosun ALD reactor at Nanexa’s facilities in Sweden.Picosun

Finnish Picosun Group and Swedish nanotechnology company Nanexa are expanding their collaboration in pharmaceutical atomic layer deposition (ALD).

Picosun is a global supplier of ALD thin-film coating technology used for advanced applications in various industries, and it will now provide a third ALD system to Nanexa, which focuses on nano-enabled drug delivery solutions.

Nanexa has developed a technology platform called PharmaShell that enables ALD-functionalised pharmaceuticals to stay effective in the body longer, minimises side effects and eliminates the need for constant re-dosing.

“We are happy to provide yet more PICOSUN ALD equipment to our long-time partner Nanexa, where our technology is used in manufacturing state-of-the-art medicines to combat some of the most difficult diseases,” commented Jani Kivioja, CTO of Picosun. “Our aim is to utilise ALD to enable solutions that benefit the whole humanity, which is why we are especially glad that healthcare industries are now seizing the potential of ALD on so many fronts.”

Picosun has recently also supplied major repeat customers in the US with its ALD technology for the production of semiconductor components, further established itself in Japan and dashed into the micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) market with international partners.

Published on 08.01.2019