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OneMind Dogs raises EUR 500K

CEO Noora Keskievari with a furry friend. OneMind Dogs approaches dog training from the dog’s point of view.OneMind Dogs

Finnish online dog training company OneMind Dogs has raised more than 500 000 euros in crowdfunding for the launch of its new puppy training programme and US market growth.

OneMind Dogs clearly surpassed its target of 350 000 euros on the Invesdor crowdfunding platform, with investments coming in from 16 countries.

The Turku-based company, founded in 2012, specialises in dog training online and with smart devices and has a distinctive method of training through the dog’s perspective. It will use the funds to pursue growth and launch its new online puppy training programme globally this summer.

“With the raised funding, we are able to cover customer acquisition measures that enable rapid business growth,” said OneMind Dogs CEO Noora Keskievari. “Our most important goal now is to find the most scalable way for customer acquisition and start implementing it first in North America.”

The US is OneDog Minds’ most important target market, with over 70 per cent of its revenues flowing in from there.

In April, the company was accepted into the Capital Factory Touchdown programme in Texas, which will support OneMind Dogs’ customer and contact network expansion and with fine-tuning the market fit of the new puppy training in the US.

Keskievari will relocate with her family to Austin, Texas, in the autumn.

Published on 02.05.2019