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Novita launches Moomin yarns internationally

The Moomin x Novita collection includes three sets of yarns inspired by Tove Jansson’s classic fairy tale books.Novita

Finnish family company Novita has entered into a co-operation agreement with Moomin Characters to bring Moomin-themed yarns to international markets.

The collection is made up of three yarns called Moomins, Moominvalley and Moominhouse, and inspired by the world Tove Jansson created in her classic Moomin books.

The Moomin yarns will become available in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Norway during the spring, while knitters in the rest of Europe and US will be able to purchase them via the LoveKnitting online store.

“Moomins have continued to captivate new generations and the world since Novita last had Moomin-yarns in the 1970s,” said Daniela Yrjö-Koskinen, CEO of Novita. “Novita is rapidly becoming more international, and the Moomin yarns have attracted interest internationally. It is just the right time to bring them to market.”

Novita hopes for an opening in the Asian markets as well, where the Moomins have already made a name for themselves and are especially popular in Japan.

Two Moomin-themed knitting instructional books will also be released this month in connection with the launch of the collection.

Published on 07.01.2019