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MySoda makes a fizz in Switzerland

MySoda has worked up an advantage on the carbonated water market with efficient production that enables highly competitive prices for consumers.MySoda

Finnish company MySoda has signed a significant distribution deal for its carbon dioxide bottles for sparkling water makers with leading Swiss retail and wholesale chain COOP.

MySoda sells sparkling soda makers, flavour concentrates and bottles of carbon dioxide, which have been sold exclusively in around 1 000 COOP stores since the beginning of January.

The deal follows long negotiations between MySoda and COOP, and gives the Finnish company access to approximately 40 per cent of the Swiss carbonation market.

“The popularity of home-made soda waters is growing drastically around Europe,” saidDavid Solomon, CEO of MySoda. “Consumers are increasingly conscious of the environment and many are questioning the reasonableness of bottled waters sold in countries with high-quality tap water.”

“Producing soda water at home could be considered a fairly significant environmental deed and in addition it saves a pretty penny,” he added.

The Finnish market leader has now set its sights firmly on the greater European markets and has a sales prognosis of around eight million euros for 2019, with more than half of it coming from in international markets.

The company’s rapid international growth is also resulting in investments in Finland, where a new production facility will open in Helsinki this year. Elsewhere in the country, MySoda has production in Kokkola and the soon-to-be European Region of Gastronomy, Kuopio.

MySoda now has access to 40 per cent of the Swiss carbonation market. Image: Screenshot/MySoda
Published on 04.02.2019